Letters of Reference

In general I am happy to write letters of reference for my students. Be in contact with me by email to find out if it is possible for me to write for you given my schedule. Write me at least a month before you need a letter.

Remember that all your letter writers write for many students. Your letter will be written according to when you ask for the letter AND also when the letter is due.


If I am writing a letter of reference for you, send me the following:

1. Your current c.v.

2. A sample of your written work from our class and/or more recent written work.

3. Specific details about how and when the letter is to be delivered. I send all letters of reference directly (not back to the student). Letters will be taken more seriously if they are confidential.

4. At the end of this process, you should thank all your letter writers twice, once when the application has been submitted and once when you know the results of the application–one of these times by email and the other time in a hand-written thank you note.


——-This system will help you establish a solid working relationship with all your letter writers. At all stages, be gracious. You need to maintain a good routine with your letter writers so that they will continue to be happily involved in your academic and professional development even long after your graduation.